At Nick Abraham Buick GMC, our goal is to make every driver’s car shopping experience as thorough and stress-free as possible. The expert finance team here at our Buick dealership in Elyria can guide you through the process of financing a new car, including what types of car insurance are available.

Without car insurance, accidents can quickly turn into costly court battles to determine fault and settle damages. Today, insurance companies can sort these issues out, making our lives easier. There are plenty of car insurance plans are worth investing in.

Collision: When you have collision coverage, you won’t have to foot the whole bill yourself to repair your car after an accident.

Medical: If you are injured during a car accident, this plan will help cover select medical expenses.

Comprehensive: There can be situations where your vehicle is damaged by something other than an accident, like falling trees, theft, or vandalism. In these cases, comprehensive coverage will help cover the costs for repairs.

Uninsured Motorist: If an accident was caused by a driver who was driving unlawfully without insurance, this plan will make sure you still get compensated.

Gap Coverage: For new car purchases with long repayment terms, there is often a period where you owe more on your car than what it is worth. If your vehicle is totaled during this time, this plan will cover the “gap” by compensating you what you still owe.

Visit or contact our Ohio GMC dealers to learn more about car insurance and the options that make the most sense for your unique wants and needs.