Every driver dreads running into the vexing situation of getting a flat tire. And at Nick Abraham Buick GMC, we want you to be prepared for how to handle this situation like a champ. Here is a quick guide on how to change a flat tire.

Pull Over to a Safe Spot

Trying to take care of a flat tire in the middle of the road won’t end well, so pull off to the shoulder or perhaps get to a parking lot if you can. Look in the trunk, where you will find your supplies needed to replace the tire, and keep the car shifted to park with the e-brake on

Loosen the Lug Nuts

Use the tire iron to get the lug nuts keeping the wheel attached to the car loose. You’ll need the weight of the car for proper leverage to get them loose, but you don’t want to remove the lug nuts quite yet.

Raise the Car

Position the car jack beneath the car frame next to the wheel with the flat tire. Crank the jack to raise it up until the car is raised a few inches off the ground. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of room to fit the spare tire on.

Replace the Tire

You can fully remove the lug nuts and store them in a safe spot once the car is raised up on the jack. Take your time to line up the holes on the spare tire with the wheel studs on the car. When the spare tire is fully in place, lower the vehicle and remove the jack. Don’t forget to fully tighten the lug nuts once the car is lowered – there’s really no overdoing this part.

Make sure all your supplies and the wheel are in your trunk and head over to our Buick and GMC service center near Avon for a fresh tire and top-notch service!