When you visit us here at our Elyria, OH Buick and GMC dealership, you don’t just get personalized service as you look for the right new car for you. You also know who to trust to take great care of your vehicle. Our team here at our Buick and GMC service center can take care of a wide range of needs for your car, including taking care of your car engine. Visit us here at Nick Abraham Buick GMC for a great experience shopping for your next car and beyond.  

Types of Engine Wear 

As you rack up the miles on your car, your engine can start to come under stress and wear down for various reasons. In general, there are four types of engine wear we encounter here at our service center. Abrasive wear is the result of contaminants like particles, dust, or dirt making their way into your engine and causing parts to grind against each other. Corrosive wear, which is also called chemical wear, happens when harsh chemicals leak and stay in contact with engine parts for too long, causing damage.

Adhesive wear happens to metal parts pressed against each other under heavy loads. The metal bonds on a microscopic level then pull apart, causing the smooth surface to become rougher. The most common type of wear is fatigue wear. It happens even when a car has proper oil levels and is simply the result of stress over time.  

Our Service Center 

Bring your vehicle over to our service center when your check engine light comes on or if you notice your car isn’t accelerating the way it used to. We will get to the cause of the issue and get your car running smoothly again. We can provide routine maintenance like oil changes and air filter replacements along with more significant repairs with OEM parts. Schedule your service appointment with us today!