Your car is designed to give you warnings about potential automotive issues through your dashboard lights. However, many drivers ask our GMC and Buick service experts about what some of these lights and symbols mean. Today, we want to take a moment to break them down for you.

Importance of Dashboard Lights

All cars are designed to give you a proper warning of potential mechanical issues. Your vehicle alerts you of these issues through the lights and symbols that appear on your dashboard. While every dashboard may have a slightly different set-up, many of these symbols are consistent across all auto brands.

Check Engine Light

One common kind of symbol that may appear on your dashboard is the check engine light. This signal often appears as a glowing yellow outline of an engine block. A check engine light can mean any number of things, and you may need an automotive service expert to help diagnose what the specific issue may be. Check engine lights can serve as a warning for anything from oil changes to issues within your transmission system.

Tire Pressure Warning

Another symbol to be aware of in your GMC Terrain is the tire pressure symbol. Often identified as a slightly deflated tire with an exclamation point in the middle, this symbol is used to alert you when your tire pressure is low. Tire pressure is essential for the overall function of your vehicle, and when it’s low, it can disrupt your performance and put you at risk of popping a tire.

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